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Friday, March 13, 2009

Witchtrap - No Anesthesia (2006)

Witchtrap is a thrash metal band from Medellín. They have released a number of demos and two full length CD's that have been well received in the underground metal scene around the world. Some of their songs even appear in compilations and split CD's in Japan and Germany. "No Anesthesia" shows why they are one of the best thrash acts in Colombia. Simply put in their own words:

"No Anesthesia" promises to be the right successor for "Sorceress Bitch" and the answer to the credibility WITCHTRAP has won. Featuring songs such as "Priests of Sin", "Disturbing the Dead", "Gallows and Crows" and the hit "Heavy Drinker" among others soon to become classics! WITCHTRAP shows how heavy metal must be: WILD, RAGING & DESTRUCTIVE! "No Anesthesia" is ready to rock you till you thrash your damned room!"

Enjoy it!


1. Heavy Drinker.
2. Gallows and Crows.
3. Riot Of The Beast.
4. A Forgotten Cemetery.
5. Disturbing The Dead.
6. Lethal Thashing Force.
7. B.L.M.D.
8. Priests Of Sin.
9. Metal Army March.


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