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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nightmare - High Speed Venom (2004)

NIGHTMARE is a band from the city of Medellín founded about the middle of the year 2000 by Mario Uribe (Ripper) and Edison Gil (Enforcer), both guitar players, who had the intention of making Heavy Metal. After writing several songs, Orlando gets into the band as the first drum player, but for a very short period of time. In their search for musicians to complete the band and after some rehearsals, Hugo Uribe (Witchhammer) as the drum player and Camilo Slayer as the bass player are recruited. With this line up, the band releases its demotape Gates of Hades in the year 2001, which would feature five songs of their own and one cover version of a song from a belgium band called Acid.

With the idea of making a purely classic Heavy Metal band, the NIGHTMARE influences are based mostly in 70s and 80s bands such as IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, MOTORHEAD ,TWISTED SISTER, OBSESSION, AC-DC, ACID, DIO and other bands that belonged to the British Heavy Metal stream of those years. NIGHTMARE makes its first live show in a festival set up in the Hill El Ángel of the Bello municipality. It reached so a great response from the plublic that day ,that it is engaged immediately to play a week after in the Theatre Porfirio Barba Jacob, with another local band. In the early 2002, Camilo Slayer leaves the band and Oscar Urrego (SINISTER STORM) replace him, making his debut as bass player of the band in march of the same year in the Theatre Porfirio Barba Jacob. In 2003, NIGHTMARE engages with the independent label Plasmajam Productions and start to record its first CD called High Speed Venom, which is released in august 2004.

(I would like to mention also that the founders of this band are also members of WITCHTRAP [Thrash Metal])


1. Rising Evil
2. When Hell Is Out Of Control
3. High Speed Venom
4. Inner Conflict
5. The King Is Gone
6. Heavy Metal Outbreak
7. Mistress Of The Dark
8. Kingdom Of Fire
9. Obsessed


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