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Monday, March 16, 2009

Neurosis Inc - Karma (1996)

"To talk about Neurosis is to talk about 22 years of struggle to bring honest and aggressive metal to the scene. The band was formed in 1987 in Bogotá (COLOMBIA) by guitarist and songwriter Jorge Mackenzie and after years of hard work it is now one of the most legendary metal bands in the South American scene. For those of you not familiar with the band it is one of the oldest metal bands from Colombia, having toured South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile) and played the biggest festivals in Colombia gaining a reputation through the years. Neurosis has shared stage with Apocalyptica, Monstruosity and Krisiun - in 2007 they were given the "Subterranica" Award in Colombia as the best metal band in the country - in 1996 the video "Verdun 1916" was air-played in "Headbanger´s Ball" on MTV Latino and MTV USA being the first Colombian metal band to be air-played and one of the fist South American bands to do so. Neurosis has been a major influence to many other bands in Colombia, in 2008 a Tribute to Neurosis was released featuring 10 different bands. So far the band has released 8 albums and continues working hard, this year a new album entitled "Live Thrash Attack" will be released being this one the second live album from the band and ninth in its career. Neurosis is endorsed by Moser Custom Shop Guitars (USA), Power Click Ear-in Monitors (Brazil) and is now managed by Storm Blaze Entertainment."

Neurosis is one of the most representative thrash metal bands from Colombia. They started in 1987 and have released 8 CD's. They also have toured South America and Colombia in different occasions.

"KARMA" is their second CD that came out in 1996 and was the first one in English. This CD was mixed in the United States and released in October of 1996. It was distributed in Spain by Repulse Records, in Japan by Soundholic Co., Argentina by Furias, Belgium and Holland by Painkiller Records as well as in other countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. At the present time this album is sold out as the 1.000 copies pressed were sold.
During this time the Neurosis of the United States contacts the band to inform them of their existence and the problems that could arise due to this fact. The Colombian Neurosis decides to add the particle INC. to their original name to differ a little and to try and avoid confusions.


1. Karma
2. Pain (The Sad Fact)
3. The White Man
4. Love After Death
5. Inner Hate
6. Third Reich
7. Open Wound
8. Deprived of Liberty (Live)


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