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Friday, March 6, 2009

Koyi K Utho - Mechanical Human Prototype (2004)

Koyi K Utho is an industrial metal band borned in 1999 at Bogota, Colombia. Early in 2004 they realesed there first album called Mechanical Human Prototype, wich was selected by the local edition of the Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 50 cds made in 2004, besides giving them 4 out of 5 posible stars. This band has three videos from this album (Personal Jesus, Freakman and Demential State) that are playing in MTV Latin America, Much Music (Bogota), Canal + 23 (Panama) and Puma TV (Venezuela). The band played four times in Rock al Parque (the biggest free rock festival in South America) and in 2004, in the 10 year aniversary of this festival Koyi K Utho was the colombian band selected to close one of the days of the festival in front of 60.000 people.


1. Freakman
2. Earthly Collapse
3. Demential State
4. Primitive Future
5. Primary Slave
6. Reggression
7. Personal Jesus
8. Embryo
9. Two Steps Under
10. Polar Perversion
11. Tranquility in madnes
12. Synthetic Evil


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