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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gaias Pendulum - Scarlet Visions (2004)

This Gothic Metal band was formed in 1995 as AFLICCION, and was kept like that until 1997.

... Then GAIAS PENDULUM was born finding a more defining concept: mankind, as part of everything. Through a musical concept called Violet Gothic, they try to express all the aspects that Mother Earth (Gaia) gives to our existence showing a more meaningful universe; feelings, thoughts, all which makes us more human, including the conflicts in our interior that makes our existence painful.

In 2003 GAIAS PENDULUM starts the production of their most recent work entitled “Scarlet Visions”. It was recorded in “Estudios El Pez”, edited by Hatework Records and came out in October, 2004.
The line-up for this album was: Adrian Días (bass and vocals), Juan David Palacios (guitar), Hernán Yepes (guitar), Miguel Góngora (keyboards), Andrés Merchán (drums).


1. Awake In Black
2. Shattered Salvation
3. The Last Breath Before I Die
4. Forever Never
5. Light In My Eyes
6. Santo Grial
7. Even Darkness...
8. A Moment For My Memory
9. Light Of Redemption (Misery)
10. Midnight Meeting
11. The Garden Of Delights


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