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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Under Threat - Deathmosphere (2006)

UNDER THREAT is a melodic death metal band hailing from Colombia South America. The band was formed in 1997 by John Perez (vocals), Nicolas Bermudez,(guitars) and David Bermudez (bass), under the name of "Skulptor". In the middle of 1999, and after several conceptual changes, the name SKULPTOR was changed to UNDER THREAT and Alejandro Rojas joined for drum duties. The band entered studio to record their first release on CD format.

The album HIPOSTASIS was released at the end of '99 on Transilvania Music, an independent Colombian record label. UNDER THREAT wrote their lyrics in Spanish, however, before the release of "Hipostasis", they changed the lyrics into English, attempting to reach a wider international audience. This first release was extremely well received in the Colombian and South American metal scene. Upon the release of Hipostasis, UNDER THREAT played numerous shows around Colombia gaining a great following from the people there. On December 2001 Under Threat members entered Studio One in Racine, WI and recorded "Behind Mankind's Disguise", their first album under an American label (Conquest Music), it was then mastered at Mastermind in Milwaukee, WI. The album was released in march 2003.

The band has participated in several compilations along side the likes of Satyricon, Angel Corpse, Impaled Nazarene Exhumed and Jag Panzer and have played shows with bands such as Destruction, Divine Empire, Fleshgrind, Anal Blast, Kataklysm, Suffocation, Strapping Young Lad among others. During 2002 Under Threat toured with Monstrosity, Dark Faith and Blood Stained Dusk and played at the 2002 Milwaukee Metal Fest and then on 2003, the band also participated in Las Vegas Metal Fest.

During summer 2004 the band entered Studio One again in Racine to record their 3rd album entitled "Deathmosphere", 10 new songs , including a total acoustic instrumental track . On October of the same year UNDER THREAT performed their gigantic hometown's annual festival "Rock al Parque" from which a video track was recorded to be included as an enhanced element for the new album. On january 2006, Barbarian records from Madison WI released this new chapter in the U.S, and Hateworks Records from Colombia did for South America and Europe on August of the same year.

The band is currently relocating and in the proccess of making changes, preparing for the proper conditions to start working in the arranging and recording of the new album, there are about 9 new songs so far for the next chapter .


1. Deathmosphere
2. Kingdom of Eternal Crisis
3. Parallel Hells
4. Echo Shaped Life
5. Black Inertia Disintegration
6. Embraced by Disaster
7. Prisoners of Their Own Betrayal
8. Read the Codes
9. Restrained Hate Coexistance
10. Third World Blood


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