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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Golden Beast - A Tribute From Colombia To Iron Maiden (2008)

The first time Iron Maiden went to play in Colombia (Feb. 28th, 2008), 8 bands were chosen to make a tribute CD released by EMI Colombia. All the bands did a great job with the Iron Maiden's classics; some of them putting into it a more personal approach giving to the songs a fresh sound. Maybe the song I like the most in here is "Infinite Dreams" by Entropia. There is even a very well achieved version of "Flight of Icarus" sung in Spanish by Akash.

This CD is well worth having not only for the great music, but also for the artwork you are going to find in there. A contest was made in order to pick the best image for the cover of the tribute. Some of the best works are included in the booklet of the CD and of course, the winner of the contest Felipe Machado got the cover with his work "The Golden Beast".

I took some of this works to use for the presentation of this blog. They are great representations of COLOMBIAN METAL!!

1. Sigma - Wasted Years
2. Entropia - Infinite Dreams
3. Legend Maker - The Evil That Men Do
4. Perpetual - The Wicker Man
5. Noizart - Aces High
6. Introspeccion - Be Quick Or Be Dead
7. Terra Sur - Can I Play With Madness
8. Akash - Flight Of Icarus


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