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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tenebrarum - Voices (2001)

Gothic Rock-Metal Colombian band created by David Rivera in 1990. A fusion between a classical instrument such as violin in a metal environment (guitar-bass-drums) and ambiental keyboard sounds are its main characteristic. With almost two decades of career, TENEBRARUM has recorded eight albums showing a huge sound evolution through several creative stages. In their latest works the band have presented great versatility and adaptation capacity mixing in their compositions string arrangements for chamber orchestra with female voices without losing their metal roots adding some rock and neo-classic elements.

TENEBRARUM has earned by pulse a very important position in the latinoamerican scene as pioneers in gothic genre. They have been able to take risks with innovative and unique musical proposals. They have found and developed their own sound to endure through time. The band won in 2008 the Subterránica Awards as “Best Gothic Metal Band”. Have been nominated several times by Shock Magazine (The most prestigious magazine of the Colombian musical industry) as “Best Metal Band” and “Best Alternative Album”. Their sixth album “Voices” was re-released in Europe by the Spanish label Mondongo Canibale in 2006 with nothing but prise from the specialized critics. Their latest album “Winter” will be released in North America by HateWorks North America.

TENEBRARUM has been declared “Out of contest” by Altavoz International Festival and has been special guest in the claimed and famous Rock al Parque Festival (The biggest open-air festival in latinamerica after Rock in Rio). Besides the band has shared stage with the most important bands in colombia and some worldwide recognized bands . Nowadays the band is working on the creation of new music and expanding their horizons. TENEBRARUM is prepared to face the challenges of the future.


1. Intro / Search
2. Voices
3. Rites
4. Traveler
5. Battle
6. Sadness
7. Visions
8. Tears
9. Enlightenment
10. End
11. Outro


Here is a link to buy the European re-issue and a link to read a review of this CD by clicking on the image. (Sorry it's in Spanish, but I couldn't find an English one):

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